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The history of Roadrunner

From the very start of the Road Runners Club in 1952, a newsletter was circulated to all members three times a year, to keep them in touch with the activites of the club and with road-running in general.

The newsletter was initially produced in the form of duplicated foolscap sheets but it gradually developed into its modern form as a full- colour A4 magazine of around 50 pages.

It has also moved from being simply a newsletter recording the activities of RRC members towards a journal with a much wider range of articles of varied interest to runners, and it was given its modern title a few years ago. Much of the content is still written by members and describes memorable events in their running lives, but there are also significant features on technical aspects on running and training, as well as descriptions of significant historical events.

Members receive 3 copies each year, in April, August and December. 

A recent Roadrunner

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