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The RRC is unique as an athletics club in that its membership is spread throughout the UK and we do not have the social structure of a local club. Indeed we expect our members to remain membership of their first-claim club if they already have one. RRC member

Many runners however do join the RRC as their first-claim club and we welcome them.

You can join as a single member for 12.50 p.a. or joint membership for 15.00 p.a. (2 people at the same address).

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Benefits and terms of joining the RRC

The RRC is a national club, founded in 1952, and we represent all road runners. The club has played a major part in the development of road running and we are proud of our history, but also forward-looking.

You will be sent three copies each year of our journal, Roadrunner, which contains a wide range of articles and information on road-running topics, with its main focus being the activities of RRC members.

As an RRC member, you have an option to register with the national athletics body. This requires the additional payment of their registration fee, but entitles you to enter races without having to pay the unaffiliated surcharge.

You will belong to a national club that can influence national policy.

You will be included in an insurance policy that covers RRC members against road traffic accidents whilst training, racing or helping at a race. The policy covers paid-up RRC members against death or disablement if struck or otherwise injured by a road vehicle of any description while walking, running or standing on the roadway or on a footpath or pavement, either in races or for training purposes, or whilst acting as coach, official or attendant during a race or training session. Benefits under the scheme are a capital sum of 10,000 for permanent disablement or 100 per week for a maximum of 104 weeks for temporary total disablement. Temporary partial disablement is not covered.

You can enter our Championship Scheme covering distances from 5 km to the Marathon.

You will have access to a sophisticated and much-copied individual Standards scheme, that can provide targets for your running as well as certificates and badges for achieving the various standards.

When joining the Road Runners Club, you will be asked to give permission for your details to be entered on the Club's database to be used for distribution of the Club magazine RoadRunner, subscription reminders from the Treasurer and administration of other Club business by the officials listed in the magazine. The information will not be passed on to a third party.

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