The RRC is affiliated to England Athletics (EA) which is a member of the national governing body, United Kingdom Athletics. England Athletics, together with Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics and Athletics Northern Ireland, are the authorities responsible for the administration of road running across the UK. They are the authorities which issue “permits” to race organisers.

A member of a running club, such as the RRC, has the option of registering with the running authority. This must be done through their club or first claim club if they are a member of more than one (see below). There is no mechanism by which individuals who are not members of affiliated clubs can register.

The organiser of any event with an EA permit is required to ask entrants to quote their 7 digit EA Unique Registration Number (URN) on their entry form, and also to check each of these as current. A valid URN means that the runner is not required to pay the unaffiliated levy in addition to the flat race entry fee.

Cost of Registration

To register you have to pay the affiliation fee to EA. This is £15 from 1st April 2021. Please note there is no reduction of this fee for partial years.

Registration Process

If you wish to register with EA through the RRC, please notify the RRC Treasurer that you wish to do so (contact details in Roadrunner magazine). Include your name and address, date of birth and your RRC membership number. Also include your email address if possible so you can be informed of progress.

If you are renewing then please quote your EA Unique Registration Number.