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The history of Roadrunner

From the very start of the Road Runners Club in 1952, a newsletter was circulated to all members three times a year, to keep them in touch with the activites of the club and with road-running in general.

The newsletter was initially produced in the form of duplicated foolscap sheets but it gradually developed into its modern form as a full- colour A4 magazine of around 50 pages.

It has also moved from being simply a newsletter recording the activities of RRC members towards a journal with a much wider range of articles of varied interest to runners, and it was given its modern title a few years ago. Much of the content is still written by members and describes memorable events in their running lives, but there are also significant features on technical aspects on running and training, as well as descriptions of significant historical events.

Members receive 3 copies each year, in April, August and December, and the journal is also sold in running shops at 2.50.

Recent front covers

Roadrunner frontcovers

Sample articles from Roadrunner- updated to Winter 2012

The links below go to downloadable PDF files of a few articles from the most recent issues of Roadrunner. They have been chosen to give a taste of its wide range of content. A typical issue has 15-20 of these articles and several other items.

Issue 199, Winter 2012

Cardiff One Hour and a Comeback
Self-Enforced Training

Issue 198, Summer 2012

18th A-C Plate 100km
Two Marathons Two runners

Issue 197, Spring 2012

Interviews at the Men's 12 Stage Road Relay
Standard Charter Dubai Marathon

Issue 196, Winter 2011

Mamo Wolde and the RRC
Taking the Next Step

Issue 195, Summer 2011

2 of Jim Peters' marathons

Issue 194, Spring 2011

Why we Joined the Road Runners Club
Running a Marathon in Hot Weather

Issue 193, Winter 2010

Ups and Downs of a Racing Year
Eurasia Marathon and Great Eastern Run

Issue 192, Summer 2010

Dartmoor Discovery
John Henning, Spitzbergen Marathon

Issue 191, Spring 2010

Interview with Bill Adcocks
The Greatest 100 Mile Race

Issue 190, Winter 2009

Touring about
Abingdon Marathon 2009

Issue 189, Summer 2009

Arthur Newton's 100 miles
Celtic 100 km
Sub 3 hours

Issue 188, Spring 2009

Barry 40
Folksworth 15

Issue 187, Winter 2008

Boiling Frogs Slowly
Centenary Marathon

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